Date: Friday, 25 August 2017, 5-6.30pm
Location: W OR M, 11 Castle Street, Aberdeen
Introduction: 30 minutes
Discussion: 60 minutes

‘The Gift’

Peacock Visual Arts would like to invite you to a reading and discussion on ‘The Gift’ with Marc Higgin (Anthropologist, University of Aberdeen). The group will discuss two texts in relation to Raydale Dower’s exhibition ‘The Gift’, which is currently on show at the W OR M and includes an edition of silkscreen prints that have been gifted to individuals, organisations and businesses around the city of Aberdeen.

Marcel Mauss’ ‘Le Don’ (The Gift) was originally published in 1925. A short book, more preparatory sketch than exhaustively argued thesis, it nevertheless became a foundational text for an anthropology interested in non-western societies and forms of exchange, as well as deeply influencing the work of Georges Bataille, Guy Debord and generations of artists and writers. For this reading group, we have a short piece of writing by David Graeber, giving a brief synopsis of ‘The Gift’, to serve as a springboard for a discussion on the continuing relevance of ideas and practices of reciprocity and gift exchange in contemporary life.

Please download and read the reading material being discussed in advance, using the links below: