28 January – 10 February, 2012

ONE MAN UNIT is a hybrid of man and electronic sculpture fully armed with consumer video and mobile projections in order to add another layer of images to our fictitious world by artists Paul Wiersbinski and Wieland Schönfelder.

After dark the audience joins the artists’ on a quest to discover the narration within the trash bin of endless virtual footage streamed directly on walls, cars and the body of ONE MAN UNIT itself. Real life becomes a simulated reality in which visual information is manipulated to lead the viewer to another altogether unreal experience.\

Through a variety of outputs, audiences are invited to interact with and experience the spontaneous and unexpected developments of this cyborg creation as it comes to life during the artists’ two-week residency at Peacock.

You can follow the construction of this half man half machine via their daily blog and on Peacock’s Facebook page.

ONE MAN UNIT will then be let loose on the public on two occasions:

  • Martin-John Henry’s Gig, Saturday 4 February, from 7pm
  • The Green, Thursday 9 February, Time TBC

Artists Biographies

PAUL WIERSBINSKI (b.1983 / lives between Frankfurt am Main and Mexico City) studied video art with Mark Leckey and Douglas Gordon at the Städelschule in Frankfurt. He is interested in process based performances, popular narrative and consumer technology. His work has been screened in a number of international exhibitions.

WIELAND SCHÖNFELDER (b.1985 / lives in Berlin). Since 2003, Schönfelder has worked as an actor and performer for professional theater, TV, film and within fine arts.



The meeting of the mind and the machine is probably not very interesting but within our contemporary world without alternative. Finally we see a device coming to life in front of our eyes. It is only just the beginning.


Even CPUs (central processing units) cannot deny that all events have a natural cause but they cannot force us to believe that our fate is random just because the surfaces of the machines have become so seductive. That is why it is quite relevant to closely observe the process of construction – both of our own narration and of the applications we are made of.


Extensive research and the technological ideology turned us into reproduction organs with the purpose to multiply our mechanical output. Along the way we forgot the initial purpose, serving the tools, which we once built to make our life easier. Only jumping itself remains an artistic domain.


Once one decides on creating an artificial consciousness, you have to deal with the fact that its first steps will be most probably painful and be scarred by failure. How can such a creation stand up to all the expectations surrounding it. There is no antidepressant for artificial intelligence yet.


Following the age of lazy and decadent gods, now comes the times of the titans and their iron avatars. As saints are covered in metallic decoration everybody should keep an eye out on blinking information. Self programming is the first step to self consciousness.


The soul is a software, it requires an update from time to time. Test runs are good way to find out what you can expect of a reality, which hasn´t been rendered yet. At any moment now this facade might just collapse and reveal itself in its truest form: A pityful pile of eletronic trash.


Consequent scientific research has no aim and no purpose, otherwise it would pre-determine the result, which would rule out any true discovery from the start. Therefore one usually has to look at details and come up with seemingly arbitrary axioms to begin with or to add an entertainment factor. Any theory is correct until it is proven wrong but only relevant as long as somebody deals with it at all.


There is a place called the family history society where they let us communicate to their machines. The information they preserve remains the same, even though the city around them changes.


A place where they built vast iron structures in the middle of the ocean to extract the fuel for all mechanical life. Biologic bodies covered in steel, powered by the will to change nature. It all seems quite far away already.


Just as time crawls from past to present into future, life went from animals through humanoids into machine existence. Why don´t have bees three queens anyways?


We will sing of the great crowds agitated by leisure, pleasure and revolt; the multi-colored and polyphonic surf of revolutions in modern virtual spaces: the nocturnal vibration of the arsenals and the workshops beneath their violent electric moons.


I am a machine which dreamt to be a man and loved it, but now the dream is over and the robot is finally awake.