04 June 2008

Two students from Gray’s School of Art have provided a glimpse of Aberdeen’s future with a 3-D movie of Union Terrace Gardens’ new arts centre. The visuals were created by Robin Hall and Robert Paul, both third year students on the Design for Digital Media course at Gray’s School of Art, The Robert Gordon University (RGU).


Robin (25) and Robert (21), both originally from Elgin, approached Peacock to see if the new arts centre could offer them an opportunity to work on this major public architecture project. Peacock jumped at the chance and Rob and Bob have been working with the centre’s award-winning architects Brisac Gonzalez for the last six weeks to ensure that the finished product is as realistic as possible.

The result is a three-minute movie which gives a highly realistic overview of the park development as well as giving viewers a tour of the state-of-the-art facilities to be found within the new centre, including a gallery, dance studio, cafe and multi-purpose spaces.

The Design for Digital Media course at Gray’s is highly regarded throughout the UK with student’s work regularly featuring in national publications, including Computer Arts and Web Designer. Collaborative projects are run on a regular basis with industry to give students experience of working on ‘real world’ projects with clients.

The Peacock collaboration gave the students a unique opportunity to work on a ‘live’ project of both local and regional importance, and the experience has led to them securing a summer placement with Aberdeen’s Touch 3-D Media.

Speaking on behalf of the duo, Robin explained: “It was exciting to work on such a high profile project. We knew it would be a challenging but rewarding learning experience for us so we jumped at the chance. We are glad that the response to our work has been so positive and we hope our visualisations give the public a better understanding of both the centre and how it will fit into the environment.”

Elly Rothnie, Campaign Director, Peacock Visual Arts said: “We were delighted to be approached by Gray’s for this project. Nurturing local creative talent is central to the new Centre for Contemporary Arts. Robin and Bob’s work is testament to what can be achieved and the first, we hope, of many collaborations with RGU. The video is a highly professional, inspiring and beautiful piece of work and it really does give a taste for what this stunning new arts centre will offer the City.”

Cameron Craddock, Digital Media Subject Leader at Gray’s School of Art, said: “We are delighted to be involved in such a high profile project and pleased with the students’ standard of work. Digital Media graduates are highly employable and develop a range of transferable skills whilst studying on the course, enabling them to work in a variety of industry sectors.”