Under the employment of Henry Ford, Jack the Hard Worker has invented an eco-friendly musical vehicle, which runs on good old-fashioned donkey power. This invention will be on display alongside video, drawings and other sculptural works.

Street performance

Saturday 4 October 2008, 4pm

The artist about his performance:

“‘Self Portrait as an Industrial Revolutionary’ is based on the car manufacturer Henry Ford. He wears the Jumper of Superiority. Henry Ford was internationally famous in his lifetime. His factory hit the headlines when he increased the wages to a level higher than those of any other factory; it was good to be a Ford man. Often noisy and demanding crowds gathered outside the factory begging for work. Guards were stationed to keep them at bay but when work was needed employment slips were issued. Corrupt employees sold employments slips, even gambled them. Jack the Hard Worker is under Henry Ford’s employment for this project and is issuing employment slips out to the public. This will take place from 4pm Saturday 4 October as he walks around Aberdeen City Centre, starting at the Peacock gallery.”