The Belmont Cinema on Sunday 27 October 2013, 6pm.

‘Rathad nan Ceard’, 1994, (30mins)

‘Rathad Nan Caird’ is a documentary about the Highland Travelling People in Scottish Gaelic, with sub-titles. The film retraces the journey Hamish Henderson made with renowned Gaelic comedian, writer and piper, Norman Maclean, to meet the Stewarts of Remarstaig (the Summer Walkers), the last Gaelic speaking nomads of Scotland.

The film features Essie Stewart, Granddaughter of the great blind storyteller Ailidh Dall, and Alec John Williamson of Edderton and Eddie Davis, the last of the Highland Pearl-fishers.

‘Rathad Nan Caird’ was the last film Neat was ever funded to make.

‘Play me Something’, 1988, (72mins)

‘Play Me Something’ is a 35mm feature film shot on the Isle of Barra and Venice, featuring John Berger, Tilda Swinton, Hamish Henderson and Liz Lochhead. It is the product of a collaboration between Neat and long term friend and distinguished writer, John Berger, about storytelling, imagination, art and the oral tradition.

Set in the waiting room of the tidal airport on Barra, the story transports viewers, and listeners, to a tale of passion in Venice between a secretary and a singing peasant. The film originally premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in 1988, and won the Europa Prize for Best Film at the Barcelona International Film Festival in 1989.

Music is by Jim Sutherland of Thurso.