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DiZZY SToRM presents:

NEPTUNE, Can’t (Jessica Rylan) and Noma

  • Location: Peacock visual arts, main gallery
  • Doors open: 8pm
  • Tickets on the door £5

After two contemporary dance events last week Month of Mayhem continues next Sunday with an evening of musical DIY. Boston band Neptune musician Jessica Rylan come to Peacock to perform live with their home-made instruments made of bike parts and old metal chairs.


Neptune is a band from Boston, Massachusetts, that initially began as a sculpture project. The band played its first gig in a basement in late ’94. Currently Neptune consists of 3 members. The music is noisy and uncombed, a concoction of busted garage and incorrect math and combined with bike parts, saws, old metal chairs, hobo electronics, amplified springs, metal drums with contact mics inside and other debris found in the trash.

Can’t (Jessica Rylan)

Jessica Rylan, from the Boston area, is a sound artist and electronic musician. The main focus of her work to date has been the design and construction modular synthesizers which use analog electronic circuits to create a diversity of sounds. She uses her synthesizers in installations at galleries and also in her high-energy, live musical performances.


Noma (Glasgow) makes music with “anything he can get his paws on”. Much music is done with household appliances, eg hairdryers, razors, fans, industrial drones etc. All things are usually put through the pickups of his guitar. He also plays various keyboards, synths and organs.

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