Sweet, sour, bitter, salty, pungent…what does each taste evoke for you? Artists Jay Koh and Chu Yuan invite you to join them in this public participation art project to discover the multi-dimensions of tastes. They will be at Pad Thai café in the Aberdeen Market every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, from 8 Feb – 3 March, to interact and discuss the diversity of different tastes.

  • Dates: every Tue & Thurs, 8 Feb – 3 Mar
  • Time: 1.30 – 4.30pm
  • Location: Pad Thai Café, Aberdeen Market (map)

This project is part of a Cultural Diversity Fellowship by Peacock Visual Arts with support from Creative Scotland.

The Cultural Diversity Fellowship

The Cultural Diversity Fellowship is a partnership project between Peacock Visual Arts and Deveron Arts, Huntly. Funded by Creative Scotland, two Fellows will each contribute to the curatorial and programming activities of both organisations through an integrated programme of exhibitions, events, creative projects and public engagement.

The first Fellow who will be based in Aberdeen, is Jay Koh. Koh’s project, Diversifying Participation: Imaging Possibilities, is a public participatory project that aims to mediate, mentor and nurture interested participants and residents from diverse cultural backgrounds and sectors to relate experiences and reflect on issues and visions of everyday life through collaborative and creative visualisations and activities.

Jay Koh

Jay Koh originates from South East Asia and has been an EU citizen since 1999. He takes on multifaceted roles in order to responds to local conditions. Artistically this involves creating works, curating and organising public art projects, exhibitions, colloquium, and open learning programmes. He is currently at the end phase of his doctoral artistic research on “Interpersonal communication in Public, Participative and Collaborative art practice – Performance in Everyday Life” at the Finnish Academy of Fine Art, Helsinki. Jay will be working with Peacock until end of March.

Chu Yuan

Chu Yuan is a Malaysian artist who has been active in researching and proposing new approaches in collaborative and participative art practices. She works with a range of media including soft sculpture, installation, performance, painting, photography and text. She is currently pursuing her PhD with Robert Gordon University on an IDEAs scholarship.

The second Fellow, Amy Fung, starts in March and will be based in Huntly.

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