Thank you to everyone who contributed to ‘Manual’ on Friday and Saturday last week. Cecilia is very grateful to everyone who offered up their time, to make the event a success. She would also like to thank Richard, Beccy and Connor for all of their help.

The event consisted of a series of one-to-one interviews exploring people’s everyday behaviours and habits in public space. Participants spoke about their own experiences, routines and preferences within the framework of everyday situations; How do you choose a seat in a restaurant? What do you do in order to feel secure? Does surveillance make you feel safe or watched? Do you take measures to avoid catching infections from other people? Do you have a system for staying safe in public space? How do you act when you run into someone you don’t want to run into? What do you find unacceptable behaviour? Do you have a preferred toilet cubicle?

The interviews will inform and influence a fictional short film that will be screened in Aberdeen in 2014, to be released around the end of February.

Manual07 500px

Cecilia Stenbom with interviewee

Manual08 Richard 500px

Richard Schmidt

Manual03 Connor and Beccy 500px

Connor and Beccy


Cecilia Stenbom

Cecilia Stenbom’s work is concerned with notions of identity in a consumer driven and information rich culture and how even the most mundane and seemingly unassuming moments are affected by the abundance of information surrounding us. She examines our anxieties and desires, reinterpreting scenarios within entertainment, mass media, retail, and domestic life. She works across media including video/film, installation, drawing and painting. Originally from Sweden, Stenbom has been based in Iceland, Finland and Scotland before moving to England in 2005. She is represented by Workplace Gallery (Gateshead/London) and a member of AV-arkki (Helsinki). Recent projects include: The Case, film commission by Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival and Berwick visual arts. Artist-in-residence at MAWA, Winnipeg, Canada. Nobody Gets Out Of Here Alive solo exhibition at Kaapelin Galleria, Helsinki, Finland. Happy Fashion, Group Exhibition at VIAINDUSTRAE, Perugia, Italy. The Artist Cut, commission by Northern FIlm & Media in association with Channel4.

This project is kindly supported by Arts Council England.