Artist/activist The Vacuum Cleaner claims he has found a solution to global warming. To prove his theory he has erected a magnificent Ark out of cardboard, to Save Our Souls in case of mass flooding. The Ark is six meters long and 3 and a half wide and high, big enough for two people and a few animals to live on a up 40 days and nights.

“We can all stop worrying” claimed James, “carry on driving your cars and eating those apples from New Zealand. Shell can remain being an Oil company, it doesn’t matter what the consequences are, as long as you have your place booked on the Ark.”

For the past 10 days a team of artists, activists and local residents have been discovering Aberdeen’s lost art of boat building. The team have crafted an Ark out of waste cardboard and other ecologically sound materials such as Wheat Paste and Sticky tape (which can go on the compost.)

The cardboard Ark will be on the Castlegate until Friday night 25 May, after which it will be packed away and saved for the floods.

Read article in Press & Journal, 24 May 2007