Location: Peacock visual arts, main gallery

Starts 8pm, doors open at 7.30pm

Tickets on the door £4

Currently working on his second album, young Aberdeen musician Chris Murty, alias ‘The Boy Lacks Patience’ is playing live at Peacock visual arts on Friday 8 December 2006.

Influenced by an early Julie Andrews fixation, classical piano tuition and listening to Joni Michell and Annie Lennox, Chris describes his music as ‘a mix of pop and cabaret’.

album cover

Chris launched his debut album ‘Ill Advised’ in January 2006 and had positive reviews. Freelance writer Russell Barker says on his website www.russellsreviews.co.uk: “I’m not given to hyperbole but ‘Ill Advised’, for a debut, heck for an album anywhere in anyone’s repertoire is truly astonishing. (…) ‘Ill Advised’ is a collection of ten carefully crafted piano based songs, and there’s not a duff one among them.”

“The first thing I recall listening to when I was small were the musicals on TV. I had a thing for Julie Andrews. Whenever I was sick, my mum would prop me in front of Mary Poppins, and magically my stomach ache would disappear.” – Chris Murty

Independant music site www.indielaunchpad.com says about the album: “From the moment the CD begins, you’re struck by it’s sheer, almost childlike simplicity. Actually simplicity isn’t the word I mean, I think naivete is closer to the mark. This feels like a very personal album. You can almost sense the layers being stripped, one by one as the album progresses. The vocals at first seem very pure and youthful. That’s how it appears at first, but as you listen, there’s something more. This youthful voice has incredible maturity, but there’s a delicate balance of fragility and nervous excitement. At times there’s a touch of loneliness and then of breathless urgency. The album consists of 10 tracks, helping to form an incredibly polished debut album.”