The Curatorial Fellowship at Peacock Visual Arts presents its culminating programme With The North Sea – a series of events, workshops and screenings, which aim to explore the familiar body of water in its poetic, economic and political capacity. The programme is formed around ideas of the history and identity of the region, the oil economy, various ecological imaginaries, as well as thoughts around sustenance and the exchange of goods and knowledge. Working with local and international artists from a variety of disciplines, The Fellowship is looking to engage in an exploration of What Does It Mean To Think With The North Sea?

With The North Sea will take place in The Worm and various external locations between 6th February and 21st March. Individual events to be announced closer to the time.

Join us for the opening event of With The North Sea on Thursday 6th February between 6pm and 9pm at The Worm, 11 Castle Street, Aberdeen for a presentation of photographs and hand-drawn maps by Frances Scott, storytelling by Grace Banks and a specially commissioned reading by Kirsty Logan, as well as to find out more about the programme and The Fellowship.

Frances Scott’s works will remain in the window display of The Worm until 23rd February.

For the duration of the programme The Worm will operate as an alternative library and resource hub, presenting a changing selection of texts, objects and artwork, aiming to provide further insight into the complex discourse around The North Sea.

The programme is supported by the Aberdeen Place Programme, a partnership between Aberdeen City Council and Creative Scotland.

The Associates is run by Peacock Visual Arts and began as a pilot program in 2018. This years programme brings together five practitioners working in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire and is Scotland’s first fully-funded Curatorial Fellowship for visual arts. This year’s cohort includes; Joss Allen, Caitlin Dick, Phoebe McBride, Svetlana Panova and Abby Beatrice Quick. The Fellowship has been running since May 2019 through a series of intensive sessions, reading groups and discussions with local and international organisations and practitioners. The content of the programme is informed by the needs and interests of The Fellows and developed by the collective group, with support from PVA staff.