• 26 & 27 October 2007
  • Location: Peacock’s gallery
  • Starts 8pm
  • Duration 45 min
  • Age: 12 +
  • Entry: free (donations welcome!)

Upon the hill sits an old decrepit house – inside its crumbling walls the elusive ‘Missy’ with her sinister butler, the ‘Sticky man’. One day a stranger knocks on their door looking for a job. The stranger turns Missy’s world upside down and reveals that things in the house are not quite as they seem…

Dudendance Scotland + Fabrik Potsdam Germany

Cast: Paul Rous, Deborah May, Garry Williams; Director/film: Clea Wallis

The press on Droopy Met Hal:

“A gorgeous hour of bizarre action, live and on screen, that melded surreal fairytale with echoes of Hollywood and the scuzzy underbelly of cabaret….so astutely grotesque, comedic and haunting you’re left longing for more“…. – Mary Brennan, The Herald

Visitors to the Aurora Nova venue during the Edinburgh Fringe will be familiar with the unique work created by Germany’s Fabrik Potsdam. A collaboration between this group and Aberdeenshire performance company, Dundendance has produced Droopy met Hal. Inspired by the films of Alfred Hitchcock and Buster Keaton, the show fuses slapstick, silent film footage and the intriguing tale of a crumbling house and its unusual residents. Created in Germany and Scotland over the past twelve months, the show features footage shot in an Aberdeen forest and a medieval castle in Brandenburg, generating a feel of faded Hollywood grandeur. – Kelly Apter, The List