Join us on Saturday 29th February and Sunday 1st March 2020 for our two day etching class. You’ll receive a hands on introduction to the etching process and the aim of this course is to give the you an idea of what can be accomplished through the introductory use of hard ground for line etching and aquatints for adding tonal value.

You will be shown how to make prints using a number of etching techniques under guidance from our printmaking technician.

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An etching is made by scraping off a protective layer of wax that has been applied to the metal surface of a plate. An acid bath is then used to corrode and bite down into the plate, creating an etched line wherever the metal is exposed. Once dipped in acid, and after cleaning off the excess wax, your plate will then be ‘inked’ by rubbing ink into the lines etched by the acid. Finally the ‘inked’ metal plate is run through an etching press creating your print .

At the end of the class you will leave with a small edition of prints and the ability to come back and use the workshop independently.

Drawing the plate

Inking the plate

Inked and etched

Printed line

Preparing for aquatint and tone

Printed line with aquatinted tones

Printed line with aquatinted tones variant