30 January – 24 February, 2007

A project by De Geuzen / a foundation for multi-visual research

Read review by Caitriona Black, Sunday Herald 11 February, 2007

From the Virgin Mary, to Marilyn Monroe, to Madonna, a select group of women have been canonized to the status of icon. But what makes a woman an icon? Is it innate beauty, intelligence, noble deeds, sex appeal, eccentricity, unadulterated ambition, or pure public projection? These are just some of the questions the Dutch collective De Geuzen will be exploring in their project ‘Female Icons’, from 30 January till 24 February at Peacock Visual Arts.

dinnerparty in the gallery

The Dinnerparty in the gallery, held on 6 February.

plates with female icons on them

The dinner plates on display in the gallery

Transforming Peacock’s gallery into a temporary lab, there are workshops, DIY goodies, video screenings and online activities. The artists will be working with a variety of people ranging in background from students to pensioners. A dinnerware collection of commemorative plates of favourite female icons, made by various groups of local women during one of the workshops, will be on display from Wednesday 31 January.

For online activities have a look at www.geuzen.org/female_icons

Older woman holding a cut-out of Twiggy in front of her face

…Who’s your favourite icon..?


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