W OR M / OPEN: Tuesday, 6th February – Saturday, 24th March 2018

Peacock Visual Arts is pleased to present W OR M – OPEN, a two month experimental series of exhibitions and public events run by the Peacock Associates*.

W OR M / OPEN aims to explore questions such as: How can an art space be ‘open’ to the city and a diverse range of people and groups? How can we achieve this ‘openness’ collectively and what is our role as creatives in attaining this? What does ‘being open’ mean from an artistic/curatorial perspective?


Jack Davidson: Show and Tell  – Tuesday, 6th – Saturday, 17th February 2018

Alan Grieve: Worskpace Dunfermline Takeover – Thursday, 22nd February – Friday, 2nd March 2018

Public Events & Workshops:

Jack Davidson, artist talk; Pedagogy of the Oppressed Reading Group; Culture 123; James Hutton Institute Energy Event; Oil and Gas and Daily Living in Aberdeen: Now and the Future; Grouping and Accommodating; CAMINA Plural:Places; Walking Workshop with Youth; Community Radio Weekend; International Women’s Day Action and Meet the Neighbours Lunch.

*About Peacock Associates

Peacock Visual Arts’ new one-year programme, placing graduates alongside independent arts professionals such as curator, designer, architect, as well as Peacock’s experienced staff members. This programme is a response to the current arts ecology of Aberdeen – which needs to be supported from the ground up. Creative workers need basic facilities like a roof, heating, kitchen, wifi as well as a support system to help them navigate an increasingly challenging funding landscape. Access to space and to a professional community will lead to the strengthening of individual and collective practices and solidify the arts ecology of Aberdeen. The Associates will create a critical mass in the city, and a forum for skills exchange, mitigating issues around studio provision and graduate retention.

First members: Tendency Towards (Donald Butler, Yvette Bathgate, Mary Gordon, Jessica Barrie), Maja Zećo, Naoko Mabon, Neil Corall, Sofia Oliveira, Camille Sineau and Rachel Grant.

For more on the Peacock Associates programme, please visit: https://peacockvisualarts.com/associates-profiles/