Exploring ideas for Union Terrace Gardens and the Denburn Valley

Exhibition runs 20 January – 20 February 2010, Peacock Visual Arts

Peacock has had its designs for a new £13m art centre in the Aberdeen’s Union Terrace Gardens ready for almost two years. Full planning permission has been granted and 75% of the funding is in place. ACSEF is currently holding a public consultation on their idea to replace the gardens with a City Square, costing up to £140m, with £50m of funding in place so far.

What if ACSEF’s idea and Peacock’s design could co-exist? What if all resources were pulled together? Aberdeen could evolve without losing its heritage.

Come and see for yourself how various options of co-existence are explored, with respect to the historic gardens and Aberdeen’s natural valley.

A series of talks and events will run throughout the exhibition. Details to follow.

See images from the launch night on our flikr site.