“Method: you must either give up talking of the town, about the town or else force yourself to talk about it as simply as possible, obviously, familiarly, get rid of all preconceived ideas. Stop thinking in ready-made terms, forget what the town planners and sociologists have said.” – Georges Perec

Join us Friday 13th March 2020 for an experiential walk, appreciating the infra-ordinary.

For this event we invite you to return to the origins of The Curatorial Fellowship, revisiting the words of Georges Perec in ‘Species of Spaces and Other Pieces’, whose method of thinking has been fundamental in the formation of our ‘With the North Sea’ programme.
This is an interactive walk that looks to nurture the locality of the North Sea to our city centre. We invite you to re-imagine your surroundings and to forget all preconceived notions of the sea and its connection to the city.
Participants will have the opportunity to take part in performing tasks from a workshop that was developed for Sadie Young and Vivianna Ceccia during their visit for our intensive session August 2019.

To begin, we will gather by the sea, beside the ‘Tonne of Water’ sculpture, situated across the road from Innoflate. The walk will finish by the Mercat Cross in Castlegate, with the Worm gallery open for those who wish to gather indoors and reflect on their recordings.

Hot drinks will be provided upon arrival at the Castlegate, but we strongly suggest that you WRAP UP WARM to ensure a comfortable and pleasant experience in such cold, cold times.

The Associates is run by Peacock Visual Arts and began as a pilot program in 2018. This year’s programme brings together five practitioners working in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire and is Scotland’s first fully-funded Curatorial Fellowship for visual arts. This year’s cohort includes; Joss Allen, Caitlin Dick, Phoebe McBride, Svetlana Panova and Abby Beatrice Quick. The Fellowship has been running since May 2019 through a series of intensive sessions, reading groups and discussions with local and international organisations and practitioners. The content of the programme is informed by the needs and interests of The Fellows and developed by the collective group, with support from PVA staff.

Curatorial Fellowship at Peacock Visual Arts.

The programme is supported by the Aberdeen Place Programme, a partnership between Aberdeen City Council and Creative Scotland.