Peacock Visual Arts is proud to be a member of the OWN ART initiative.

Did you know that you can take advantage of the brilliant scheme when buying art here at Peacocks? Anything you see in-house for sale or on our Artsy or Shopify platforms can be bought using the scheme.

OWN ART is available through our shop and allows you to spread the cost of buying artwork over 10 months with 0% interest. Instantly making hard to obtain prints affordable through a fair and reputable scheme, you can even opt to pay no deposit if you don’t have the money up front.

 Example price – £800 / OWNART price – 10 monthly payments of £80 

Want to know more about how it works?  Visit the OWN ART website to find out more. Want to know how to use it to buy something from us? Contact us by email here or call the office on 01224 639539 (10am – 5pm, Tues – Fri)